What is snowshoeing?

There’s nothing quite like walking through a winter wonderland, no matter what level of challenge you’re after. It’s far less technical than skiing, and with a short introduction on it, you can master snowshoeing in minutes.

On all our snowshoeing trips we provide the snowshoes, walking poles and, on the tougher treks, avalanche transceivers – the only specialist equipment you will need. Walking through snow with the aid of snowshoes is an excellent way to travel through the winter landscape without needing the technical skills of a skier. Snowshoes work by distributing your weight over a larger area so that your feet don’t sink completely into the snow. Most modern snowshoes are made of light metal or plastic, with the heel left ‘free’ (as on cross-country skis) as this makes walking easier. Ski or walking poles help with both rhythm and balance. If you can walk, then you can snowshoe – it really is as simple as that!

What is coming here?

This trip is in the pipeline, dates are set for 2021, accommodation is in place as well. We just getting the last bits & pieces together before a full trip description and prices are coming onto the page.

Have a wee glimpse at what to expect:

Dates: 07/03/2021 – 14/03/2021 & 14/03/2021 – 21/03/2021

Our accommodation is the Wuhrsteinhaus in the beautiful Achen valley.

More infos will follow very soon. We will keep you posted…